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Victoria Rose

I was raised in France, before going to university in London and I have never stopped drawing and learning. My artistic journey has taken me to explore various media, technical formats and tools because shapes and colors are essential to my work. Each dot, line and pattern is an individual or collective thought with its own rhythm and harmony.  

My inspiration has multiple sources. It comes from my trips to Brazil, Morocco, USA and France, I love contemplating my environment as much as photographing it. From discovering the work of other artists as well as and in my everyday enrichment, as for example, during my walks in nature where I love collecting seeds, flowers, stones, shells and other natural shapes which enchant me. According to the seasons, I admire nature’s organics patterns and evolving colors that never stop to amaze and inspire me and I like letting them sink into my creativeness until they reappear in my artwork.

The Dreams field is omnipresent and opens the door of unlimited possibilities in my work. When I started dot painting I had never heard of Aboriginal art before, but as a timeless thread, the aboriginal influence is present in my painting. I draw every day to set my imagination free. My fertile imagination reflects itself in my drawings and illustrations where I take pleasure in going along joyfully.

I explore paper work through ink drawings, painting, collages, labyrinth cuttings, dresses designing and creation of unique handmade objects such as colorful paper bowls. I love the sound of working with paper and I have always been fascinated by its qualities and the possibilities it offers. Paper naturally imposes itself to me, when I was looking for an accessible and pleasant material to replace plastic objects. I enjoy working with paper by hand and mainly use old or use recycled one, on which I often write secret messages before its ultimate metamorphosis.

The developing process feeds itself from pleasure, time, doubts and persistence. It’s very important for me to use raw materials, as well as natural and recycled ones ​which are subject to my transformation. My handcraft work is multidisciplinary, all items are unique pieces. I love immersing myself in the creative process. In addition to my personal work, I also provide coaching in art and design in secondary education and through workshop to both children and adults.

Photography in black & white and in colors has always had an important place in my life. My work vibrates between Architecture, Art, Landscape, Urban and Street Photography, Travel and Portrait.

I invite you to follow my journey on Instagram

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